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Maine College


This event will showcase Maine players

interested in playing college soccer.


Boys Teams: Saturday, February 24, 2024

Girls Teams: Sunday February 25, 2024

Teams of HS Juniors & Seniors preferred.

Each team plays (2) 50-minute 11v11 games

2023 College Coaches:

Boys: Colby, CMCC, Husson, MMA, SMCC, St. Joseph's, Thomas, UMA, UMFK, UNE, USM, Bridgton Academy,Kents Hill, Mt. Alison, U New Brunswick

Girls: Colby, CMCC, Husson, MMA, SMCC, St Joseph’s, Thomas, UMF, UMFK,  UNE, USM, UMA, Kents Hill, Mt. Alison, Regis, U New Brunswick

boys showcase

FEBRUARY 25, 2023

10:00 AM     DSAU vs Seacoast

11:00 AM     Seacoast vs Rosevelt

12:00 PM     Rosevelt vs DSAU

1:00 PM       CMU vs River City

2:00 PM       Lightning vs River City

3:00 PM       Lightning vs CMU


FEBRUARY 26, 2023

10:00 AM     Lightning vs CMU

11:00 AM     Lightning vs Rosevelt

12:00 PM     CMU vs Rosevelt

1:00 PM       Seacoast vs DSAU

2:00 PM       River City vs DSAU

3:00 PM       River City vs Seacoast

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