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Pitch offers USA Soccer Coaching education

We are excited to support coaching education on multiple levels in Maine. whether you are new to coaching or an experienced leader looking to move ahead with licensing, we want to help you get the resources you need to move ahead.

We now offer coaching education specifically for programs at the local recreation level. This 2 hour course happens right on your own field, with your own players. Licensed US Soccer Coaching Educator Robbie Krul will demonstrate the basics of coaching at the grassroots level, making it fun and engaging for your players.

The cost is $40 per coach and includes:

  • 2 hours of hands-on instruction & guidance

  • Access to the Pitch Coaching Education online grassroots coaching library

  • Follow up mentoring visit during the fall season upon request and availability.

If you are in the Mid Coast area, we may be able to help defray the registration cost!

For more information contact: 

If you are coaching at the Travel Soccer, Premier, or High School level, or maybe you just want to continue on whith your coaching education, we encourage you to take courses through US Soccer, administered from Soccer Maine. They have some fantastic online courses at the Grassroots level, and in-person courses throughout the year at various locations.

Contact Person: Chad Sisson

USSF Coaching License Pathway


USSF Coaching License Classes are now offered at the Pitch:

All coaches begin their coaching pathway with a free 20- minute online webinar, ‘Introduction of Grassroots’. Coaches can take this free webinar through the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center (DCC) at

After completing the ‘Introduction to Grassroots’ module, coaches will be eligible to take any of the four Grassroots Pathway courses; 4v.4, 7v.7, 9v.9 and 11v.11.

The licenses can be taken in any order and the course can be completed either in person or online.


Once you complete a Grassroots course, you will receive the US Soccer Grassroots Coaching License for that level.

Please contact Chad Sisson, program administrator, at

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