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January 4th

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Contact Person: Chad Sisson

USSF Coaching License Pathway

SSF Coaching License Instructors must have their ‘B’ License and have completed a 1-week Instructors’ Course.

In order to register for a ‘D’ License course, coaches must complete at least 3 of the grassroots courses, one being the 11v11 course. At least 2 of these grassroots courses must be “in-person.”

“In-Person” Grassroots courses are one day, 4-hours in duration. 

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USSF Coaching License Classes are now offered at the Pitch:

All coaches begin their coaching pathway with a free 20- minute online webinar, ‘Introduction of Grassroots’. Coaches can take this free webinar through the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center (DCC) at

After completing the ‘Introduction to Grassroots’ module, coaches will be eligible to take any of the four Grassroots Pathway courses; 4v.4, 7v.7, 9v.9 and 11v.11.

The licenses can be taken in any order and the course can be completed either in person or online.


Once you complete a Grassroots course, you will receive the US Soccer Grassroots Coaching License for that level.

Instructions for signing up for a Grass-root Course at the Pitch

The first step for all registrants is to create an an account with the US Soccer Learning Center. Coaches that do not have an account yet, will need to sign up and create an account.

 Then you should take the FREE introduction to Grassroots Coaching.

STEP 1:Go to the left top tab called COURSES. 


STEP 3: Scroll down to the left to Introduction

STEP 4: Take the Course.


Upon completion of this online course you can now sign up for the Grassroots course (for example, 4v4 In-Person Course).

STEP 1:Go to the left top tab called COURSES. 


STEP 3: Scroll down to the left to Grassroots Courses

STEP 4: Scroll down to In-Person Courses

STEP 5: Scroll down to the course of your choice (for example, 4v4 Course)

STEP 6: On the top right click on the red tab called Go to Course List >

STEP 7: Use the correct filters: Title: Type here…, Host: Soccer Maine, Location: Scroll to the top and go to Please select… (Do not pick Maine as the option), Year: Please select…

STEP 8: Our courses will show up on the top with a green registration light. The Location should be at the Pitch. Please click on the course you choose to register for and complete the signup process.