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Inflatable Party

  • 1 hour in the Inflatable Zone (includes 2 inflatables pictured)

  • 45 minutes in the Party Room

  • Up to 15 Children (Bday child free)

  • $10 for each additional child


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Turf Party

  • 1 hour on the turf field. Equipment is available (kickball, Frisbee, football, soccer, baseball)

  • 45 minutes in the Party Room

  • Up to 15 Children (Bday Child Free)

  • $10 for each additional child.


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toddler bounce.JPG

Toddler Bounce Party

  • 1 hour in Play Room & Toddler Inflatable

  • 45 minutes in the Party Room

  • Up to 15 Children (Bday Child Free)

  • $10 for each additional child.


Call To Book

parties may be booked on saturdays at the following times:

 9am-10:45,  10:00-11:45,  12:30-2:15,  1:30-3:15  


Party room

Bday room.JPG

Each party has 45 minutes in one of our party rooms to gather for cake & presents, but you may purchase extra time for $25/30 minutes if you wish.

Party Time!

party information

Payment Deposit of $50 is due when you book your party. Balance is due before your party begins.  


Please have an adult ready in the lobby to meet your guests at least 15 minutes before arrival.  All parties will start in the lobby and must check in as a group before being released to assigned area. 

Please do not allow your guests to arrive more than 10 minutes prior to your event. 

You may arrive earlier to set up or decorate the party room ONLY if there is not a party scheduled before yours.  You may call ahead to check if there is a party booked before yours. You may decorate the party room as you wish with balloons and other party decor, but regretfully we do not permit anything to be added to the walls. The 3M stick-ons have done quite a bit of damage so we are no longer allowing things to be hung on the walls or ceiling, including pinatas. 

We now have two separate party rooms! Birthday cake, ice cream, pizza, and other party food is welcome but must be confined to your assigned party room. We have a refrigeration/freezer available for you to store your perishables upon request. One room is NOT equipped with a refrigerator, but you may store your items in our employee refrigerator if the room with the kitchen is not available for your party.

Please inform your party participants not to wander throughout the building unattended during the party.  The safety of your guests is our #1 priority! If anyone NOT in your party wanders into your reserved space, please notify the Pitch staff so we may address the issue.

Participants must stay in assigned areas during their scheduled time.  For example, if you booked a bounce party, you may not wander on other areas of the turf.  Likewise, if you booked a playroom party, you must keep your guests in the playroom and not allow them to be on the turf, especially for safety reasons.

Shoes:  All guests must bring a change of shoes before walking on the turf.  Participants in the bounce zone or party room must wear socks only before playing.

You are responsible for supervising and coordinating your party.  

You may purchase EXTRA TIME in the party room

for $25 per hour.

Balloons Floating Away
We have two party room options. One is equipped with a kitchen area and the other classroom works best for larger parties. First come first serve.
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