DSA United Fees:

Birthyear ’06-’00 Teams Fee:  $855

Payment Schedule:

$105 Deposit

$250 December 1st

$250 February 1st

$250 April 1st

Birthyear ’10 – ’07 Teams Fee:  $555

Payment Schedule:

$105 Deposit

$150 on Dec, Feb, & April 1st

* New players will need to purchase a uniform at: soccer.com

DSA UNITED PREMIER CLUB has a focus to provide outstanding coaching, training, and soccer opportunities for those looking to have the option to play soccer year round and compete at a higher level.

The club has fashioned a soccer training development program that meets the technical, tactical, and psychological needs of girls and boys who have dedicated themselves to becoming premier soccer players.

’17/’18 Season Coaches:

05/06 Girls: Chad Sisson

2004 Girls: TBD

03/04 Girls: Dan Williams

01/02 Girls: Tammy Krul

08 Boys: Richard Reitchel

07 Boys: Robbie Krul

06 Boys: Patrick Mellor

04/05 Boys: Robbie Krul

2003 Boys: Chad Sisson

01/02 Boys: Dan Williams

00/01 Boys: Peter Ostergaard

Team breakdown and coach assigments for 2019 are TBD.

What We Believe:

As a premier club, DSA United’s primary focus is on individual player and team development.  We will always strive to compete at our highest possible potential in the most competitive league that matches our team ability.  While competition provides valuable teaching opportunities and is a very important component of our premier experience, we evaluate our success on the quality players that are developed in our Academy.  We do not believe in traveling great distances for better competition for players and teams until a solid skill foundation has been developed.


Premier Teams:

’06 – ’00 Season Overview:

  • Weekly 90 min Indoor Training Sessions @ The Pitch on Sunday (Nov-March)
  • Mid week 90 min Technique Training Sessions at the Pitch on Tuesdays 7:30-9pm (Nov-March)
  • Optional Academy Classes (Thu and Fri)at 50% off the normal tuition
  • Two 11 v 11 Friendly Matches @ The Pitch
  • Maine Premier League (April-June)
  • League Championship
  • Memorial Day Weekend Tournament
  • College Placement Suppport



Premier Development Teams:

’07 – ’10 Season Overview:

  • Weekly 90 min Indoor Training Sessions @ The Pitch (Nov-March)
  • Optional Academy Classes at 50% off the normal tuition
  • Full time Academy Player Option for $300 (Tue, Fri, & Sat from October-April)
  • Two 8 v 8 Friendly Matches @ The Pitch
  • Maine Premier League (April-June)
  • League Championship
  • Father’s Day Weekend Tournament