The Pitch’s Code of Conduct  – a must read for all Pitch participants!

Players and guests are expected to conduct themselves with courtesy and sportsmanship at all times while in and around the Pitch. Those who do not conform, who fail to abide by the rules of the game or who pose safety risks to themselves or others, are subject to disciplinary action, including fines and permanent suspension.

All players are be required to:

  • Acknowledge and agree to all Pitch rules and procedures, including those regarding registration, waivers, rules and conduct
  • Pay promptly all financial obligations owed to the Pitch.
  • Sign the team roster
  • Comply with team uniform and Pitch equipment requirements

All players should be aware that:

  • Teams do not have a choice of officials for their games
  • All officials calls will stand and may not be protested
  • Officials have full authority to manage players on, and in the immediate vicinity of, the field of play
  • Rules of the game are posted on the Pitch website and comply with The Official Rules of Indoor Soccer, as certified by USIndoor Association.

The consequences for a player or coach receiving a Blue, Yellow or Red Card are as set forth in the Rules. Nonetheless, the Pitch reserves the right to impose additional disciplinary sanctions in the event of a Red Card. In such cases, the game official will prepare and submit a written report of the incident. The Pitch shall evaluate the incident in the manner it deems to be in the best interest of the Pitch. Subject to such conditions and objectivity, the Pitch may impose sanctions, including but not limited to one or more of the following:

  •  Formal written Warning
  • 1-Game Suspension (automatic)
  • Season-Ending Suspension
  • Permanent Suspension, with right to make a written request for reinstatement after serving one entire suspended season

Examples of surrounding circumstances that the Pitch may choose to consider include:

  • Severity of the incident:
    • 1-Game Suspension (minimum):
      • Verbal Abuse of Referee, Spectator or Pitch Manager
      • Foul causing injury
    • Season-Ending Suspension (minimum):
      • Foul caused with intent to injure
      • Other physical violence
      • Spitting on anyone
      • Damage to Facility property
  • Injury surrounding the incident
  • Clearing of Benches
  • Drugs or Alcohol
  • Cause of the incident
  • Retaliation by others
  • Player’s behavior after a sufficient “cooling off” period
  • Conduct/bias of the game official
  • Untruthfulness during any investigation
  • Refusal to leave the Facility
  • Prior incidents involving the player
  • Effect on customers or community reputation

The Pitch shall bear full and sole responsibility for determining, communicating and enforcing any sanction as it sees fit. There shall be no protests or appeals of the Pitch’s decision, once final.

Indoor Soccer Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations at the Pitch have been devised with simplicity, continuity, and enjoyment in mind. Apart from some necessary modifications, they are the same as FIFA rules used worldwide in outdoor soccer. The following exceptions apply:


  1. All players must sign the Pitch Waiver Form or the Pitch Team Roster Form.
  2. Participation in the Pitch indoor league is entirely at the players risk, and we accept no responsibility for any direct or consequential loss, damage, or injury.
  3. Teams will consist of seven (7) field players plus one (1) goalkeeper 8 vs 8.
  4. The minimum number of players to start a game is five (5). A team with insufficient players after five (5) minutes from the scheduled game time will forfeit the game. The referee, at his discretion, may allow additional time for players to arrive.
  5. A team with insufficient players may pick up players registered with the Pitch, only if agreeable with the opposing team.
  6. Any team fielding non-registered players without prior permission from the Pitch league director will be subject to forfeit.
  7. Game times will be two (2) twenty-five minute halves. A two (2) minute break will be allowed at half time.
  8. All players must wear regular soccer cleats, turf shoes, indoor shoes or sneakers. No cleats with six studs will be allowed.
  9. Shin guards are MANDATORY for all ages and skill levels at games and practices (That includes HS players).
  10. In case of conflict of uniform color, the HOME team will be responsible for changing and/or wear pinnies.
  11. Only team players and up to three (3) coaches are allowed on the players side during the games.
  12. No spitting or chewing gum on the field of play.
  13. Only water allowed on the field of play.


  1. Yellow Card/Five (5) minute penalty: A player is cautioned and shown a yellow card and has to leave the field of play for five (5) minutes. The team will play down a player for the entire five (5) minutes. (This also includes players who may be cautioned while being a substitute, the captain will decide who serves the penalty)

The following instances could incur a yellow card:

  • Unsporting behavior: Multiple slide tackles/slides, rough play, taunting (by word or action).
  • Dissent by word or action.
  • Persistent Infringements.
  • Delaying the restart of play / Failing to respect the required distance when restarting.

Men’s League: A cumulative yellow card system will be used. A player that gets 3 (three) yellow cards in a season will be given a one game suspension. A fourth card will result in a two game suspension and a fifth card will result in the player being suspended from the league and perhaps for the next league during that winter season with the possible expulsion from the facility. These decisions are under the jurisdiction of the management of the Pitch.

Co-Ed League: Similar cumulative yellow card system will be used as the Men’s League.

  1. Red Card/ (50) minute penalty: A player or substitute who is sent off will leave the field of play and his/her team will play down a man for fifty (50) minutes, if s/he commits any of the following:
  • Serious foul play: Violent tackling, tackles from behind with no intention to play the ball, elbows.
  • Violent conduct: Fighting, provoking a fight, striking or hitting an opponent with or without an object, spitting at an opponent.
  • Denying the opposing team a goal or clear goal scoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball.
  • Denying the opposing team a goal or clear goal scoring opportunity by committing an offence that would warrant a free kick or penalty kick.
  • Receiving two (2) yellow cards.

* Red-carded players will not be allowed to play that night in any other league and players will be suspended for the next game. A player receiving two red cards will be suspended from the league and perhaps for the next league during that winter season with the possible expulsion from the facility. These decisions are under the jurisdiction of the management of the Pitch.

  1. The home team will kick off the game.
  2. On kick-off, the ball may be played forward or backward.
  3. If the ball gets over the side line the referee will award a throw-in.
  4. If the ball is over the goal line the referee will award a corner kick or a goal kick. (Defensive player kicks the ball over the end line results in a corner kick) (Offensive player kicks the ball over the end line results in a goal kick).
  5. Hitting the Ceiling/Top netting: When a player kicks the ball to the ceiling/top netting it will automatically results in an indirect free kick for the other team at the approximate spot where the ball hits the ceiling and drops on the ground. No kicks inside goal box. The ball will be put on the line of the goal box.
  6. A goalkeeper may not punt or drop-kick the ball into play, or throw it over the middle line without touching a player first. A goalkeeper may only retain possession of the ball for a period of five (5) seconds. Violation will result in a direct free kick on the middle line, dot.
  7. Free kicks will be designated as in FIFA rules and as stated in rule 7 and 12. Penalty kicks resulting from a foul inside the goalkeepers box will be a penalty kick on the designated spot. Goalkeepers have 5 seconds to get the ball back into play, a goal kick can be played from the keepers box.
  8. When a free kick or a kick-off is being taken, the defending team must be at least seven (7) yards from the ball.
  9. The offside rule is in effect.  The referee will make the decision with the understanding that these calls are difficult to make.
  10. No slide tackling or slides are allowed. One knee down on the ground is considered a slide/playing on the ground and will result in a free kick awarded to the opposing team. Infringements will result in a direct free kick, and a yellow card will be given. The referee will use his discretion in each particular case.
  11. Slide tackling is legal by the goalkeeper only and must be initiated from within the penalty area. Outside the penalty box, the goalkeeper may not slide tackle or use his or her body illegally. Violations will result in a direct free kick for the opposing team from the point of the foul, and a yellow card will be given.
  12. Free substitution is allowed on the fly, as the game is in progress. The player must be off the field before the substitute comes in. Infringements will result in a direct free kick in the middle of the field.
  13. There CANNOT be any additions to the roster midway through the season and the rosters will be frozen at the start of the third game of the season. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  14. Forfeited games will be treated as a 4-0 win.
  15. Protests will not be allowed on a referee’s decision. NOTE: The referees at the Pitch will do the very best they can. Due to the nature of the game, speed of the game, angles, etc., they will miss some calls. It is inevitable. They do not need any verbal or physical abuse from the players, coaches, or fans. Please do not complain to the desk staff about the referee’s decision. Constructive comments will be handled by the League Director weekdays at 207-273-0042.
  16. The referee’s may stop the clock if s/he needs to have dialogue with a player on or off the field to obtain control of the game. The referee will not stop the clock for any injuries.
  17. Coed teams must field two (2) female players OR one female player and one over 50 player on the field at all times. Infringement will mean that the team will play a player down per missing female, for the length of the game. Over 30s teams are only allowed one player under the age bracket and he must be within 5 years i.e. 25+ for 30s and has to be approved by the league director.

Team standings will be based on the following point system: WIN: 3 points * TIE: 1 point * LOSS: 0 point

Ties in standing will be broken by:

  1. Head to head results
  2. Goal differential
  3. Most goals scored
  4. Least goals scored against
  5. Most wins
  • Playoff ties are determined by penalty kicks. The winner will be decided over the best of 5 penalties.
  • Whichever player finishes the game in goal will remain as the goalkeeper for the penalty shootout.